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"Nigel Yorwerth can make a huge difference for your product. He has for mine.”

—Phil Borack, Executive Producer, “The Yogis of Tibet”


We provide an array of focused services tailored to your needs that will help you connect with your market and sell your books and products. We can help you with one or all of the following services.

Create a Book or Product That Sells
Reaching your market and selling your book starts with developing a product that will appeal to bookstore buyers, wholesalers and, most importantly, customers. We will:

  • Focus your expertise on topics that will appeal to, sell to and benefit your unique audience
  • Find the right category for your book
  • Write back cover copy that sells
  • Review book content to make sure it reads smoothly and professionally and achieves your goals
  • Create effective book titles and subtitles, chapter titles and subheadings
  • Design covers, page layout and other packaging
  • Obtain effective review quotes (some quotes can actually work against you)
  • Develop a buyer- and reader-friendly table of contents
  • Choose the right format (hardcover, trade paperback, mass market, ebook or audio)
  • Set pricing (what will work for the category buyer and consumer and still be profitable for you)
  • Create a professional ebook
  • Revitalize your backlist (your existing books)

Develop an Effective Publishing, Distribution & Sales Strategy
Getting your book printed and on the shelf requires a strategy that works with your particular topic and niche. We will help you:

  • Choose the publishing option that is best for you (publishing houses, self-publishing, print-on-demand, etc.)
  • Determine the best way to distribute and sell your book
  • Give you a realistic understanding of what publishers, distributors and sales reps do and do not do—and what’s your responsibility in making your book a success
  • Get review blurbs

Sell Foreign Rights & Translation Rights to Books to Publishers Overseas

  • We work as literary agents to sell foreign and translation rights to your book to publishers around the world. We attend major book fairs in Frankfurt and London and pre-book appointments with top international publishers and agents to sell rights. (Foreign rights sales can be a key part of a successful publishing strategy. The advances you receive for foreign rights contracts can help you recoup your expenses for book development and production with no additional developmental work on your part.)

Create Marketing Targeted to Your Niche Audience
Once your book is on the shelf, your distributor’s job ends and yours begins. We can help you sell your book and products off the shelf with marketing that fits your budget.

  • Book in-store events and author signings
  • Create marketing, PR and promotion that will reach your widest targeted audience
  • Set up online book launches
  • Create or enhance social media profiles and provide social media training
  • Set up author events and train you how to do effective book signings
  • Explore chain store co-op (displays and endcaps)
  • Book, design and write ads
  • Save you money on advertising and pick the best advertising venues for your book or product
  • Find the right publicist to book radio and TV interviews with top national shows
  • Market your book to online merchants
  • Solicit book reviews from publications in your genre
  • Help maximize your website, set up a blog and link to influential blogs on the worldwide web
  • Write and design brochures, press kits, fliers and postcards

Write a Book Proposal
A book proposal contains standard elements that sell your book to a publisher. A highly targeted marketing piece, it demonstrates that you have a saleable new idea that the market wants, compares you to your competition and proves that you are an expert who can move books off the shelves. A book proposal also includes a table of contents, chapter summaries and a sample chapter of your work.

Sales Training
We also offer sales training to help you or your sales force increase your sales. Learn how to maximize sales in-person or on the phone.

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"Nigel Yorwerth is extremely customer focused and customer savvy, especially when it comes to Mind, Body, Spirit literature.... His original and creative ideas for a new title or a new edition resulted in very successful products.

"Nigel excels at creating titles, subtitles and back cover copy for books. Without question, Nigel is one of the finest sales and marketing professionals I have ever met and worked with."

— Norman Millman, Summit University Press

"Nigel helped field our way through the intricacies of placing our title in the marketplace. Through his efforts, Barnes & Noble, Borders and many key independent booksellers picked up our title….

"Nigel is professional, experienced, persistent and a tremendous asset.”

—Dimitri Moraitis, CEO, WisdomLight Books

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