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When it comes to the world of books — and the masterful art of strategizing, packaging, promoting and selling — Nigel Yorwerth is a man for all seasons.


"I appreciate more than I can say the wise counsel and sterling service of Nigel Yorwerth, the finest literary agent and publishing advisor I have ever known, and his highly able partner, Patricia Spadaro."

Ross Cornwell, compiler and editor, Think and Grow Rich!


Nigel J. Yorwerth
Nigel Yorwerth coaches individuals and corporate clients on how to successfully package, market and sell their books and products. Nigel is a publishing, marketing and sales expert with a focus on the increasingly popular Personal Growth, Health and Mind/Body/Spirit arenas. He is also a literary agent and a foreign rights agent for publishers and authors. He has worked as vice president of sales for two leading national book distribution companies, where he sold to bookstore chains, major wholesalers and independents in the book and natural foods markets. He has experience as a director of sales and marketing for a successful publishing house and as an executive for Ted Bates, a major New York advertising agency. He also held positions in sales and marketing in the brandy, wine and vitamin industries. (Full profile for Nigel Yorwerth)

Our editorial team is led by Patricia Spadaro, a talented writer and editor who has a special skill for making complex subjects clear, accessible and appealing. Her latest book, Honor Yourself: The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving, won two national book awards and is published in 18 foreign editions. She has many years of experience in the publishing industry as an executive editor, a director of editorial and research, and a marketing professional.

Creative Design
The members of our creative team are top professionals in book cover design, interior design and layout as well as marketing. The books they have worked on have been picked up by chain and independent bookstores and have performed exceptionally well. Many of the books Yorwerth Associates has helped to develop and design have won national book awards.

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“The best coaches someone could ask for in the process of editing and publishing. They have consistently given me professional advice, and their advice has led to success in getting my book into bookstores. . . . I could not have asked for better professionals to help guide me through the writing, editing and distribution process. I genuinely trust and admire these people and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for guidance in any of the phase of writing or publishing."
—Dr. Jaime Kulaga, author and publisher


"Nigel Yorwerth can make a huge difference for your product. He has for mine....He arranged wholesalers and distributors in the U.S. and internationally. He has also placed the film in important stores.”
—Phil Borack, Executive Producer, “The Yogis of Tibet”


"Nigel helped us field our way through the intricacies of placing our title in the marketplace. Through his efforts, Barnes & Noble, Borders and many key independent booksellers picked up our title….Nigel is professional, experienced, persistent and a tremendous asset.”
—Dimitri Moraitis, CEO, WisdomLight Books

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